• Date: June 20th
  • Price: € 22,50 (for one baby and two adult companions)
  • Time: 10:00, 11:00 or 14:00
  • Location: Nationale Toneel Gebouw
  • Composer: Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje
  • Performers: Hanne Dieserud and Hanna Gjermundrød

This concert for the smallest explorers of music and their parents is set in a cozy tent, away from the hustle and bustle. Once settled, you’ll be immersed in a fairytale underwater world. 

Are we somewhere beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean? This is the realm of musical sea-creatures; the Seahorse-harp, the Bagpipe Creature and the Glass Chime Jellyfish.
Who are these creatures, what are they doing here? It doesn’t really matter. The performance is without plot, so children and parents experience the performance alike: from moment to moment where excitement, humour and tranquility follow each other. 
After the show children and adults can explore this tinkling, crackling, and enchanting realm and instruments on their own.

One tickets provides for one baby and two adult companions. This concert is suitable for children in the age between 0 -2 years.

Babycooking Workshops 

Would you like to know how to make healthy meals for your little one? Quick tips on biological meals and super-snacks? How can your baby grow up tall, energetic and healthy? This is what you'll learn during the BabyBeGood Babyfood Workshop with ecofriendly ingredients from Ekoplaza. After the babyconcert you and your baby can attend the workshop for free in the foyer of the Nationaal Toneel. the workshop takes up 20 minutes. 


For all babyconcert visitors and the workshop, there's a BabyBeGoodiebag filled with vouchers and sampels. 

Co-producers: The Norwegian Opera & Ballett, The Norwegian Touring Theatre
Sponsored by: Arts Council Norway, NOTAM (Norwegian Center for Technology in Music and the Arts), FFUK (fund for performing artists, Norway), FFLB (the audiovisual fund, Norway).
Made possible by: Arts Council Norway en Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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